Breathe Easy (2016)

Ignited by Paul Mackie (DrunksLikeUs 2014 and All Above Board 2015), the film has been pulled together like a jigsaw and centred around one global event. The film is comprised of scenes each directed singly by twenty directors across ten countries.


27,000 Neckties for the Venice Biennale

The contemporary visual art exhibition organised and held in Venice biennially since 1895 has come a long way. As Picasso’s work was once  removed from the Spanish salon in the central Palazzo, in fear that its unconventionality may shock the public; the Biennale is now a place for artists from around the world to challenge and test perceptions.  

The Outfit I Will Never Wear Again

1995: A mother put her little girl in a dress for a family wedding. A scoop-neckline. Floral. Edged in a silk pink frill beneath a flared drop waist. Dad photographed us.

Staying Silent Amidst Political Turmoil

It’s officially voting day here in the UK, not that many could miss the news of its onset. I’m posting this today because I’m not writing to change anyone’s mind, nor am I here to rant, I’m here to day that it’s okay to vote for whichever party you want, and that’s okay. 

April Chill (Aprilis Suskhi), 2010

Written and directed by Tornike Bziava, April Chill (Aprilis Suskhi) is a Georgian short-film that joins the ranks alongside many other underrated shorts.

Logos and Politics In The Name of Fashion

The lines are still blurred between altruism, business and style. We can argue as to whether fashion is sympathetic to society or using its vulnerabilities with clothes masquerading as idealism for financial gain or recognition.


In and amongst the hustle and bustle of London lies a very special part-bookstore, part-museum, part Parisian style café.

Advice: 15 Perils of Freelancing 

Yes, you can work anywhere but it comes with downsides. The coffee shop has crying babies and tables aren’t always free. The park has no wifi. Home has too many distractions. Find the right place for you, or at least the tools you need to work successfully and you can work anywhere. The Skype Interview.  Remember to…