Staying Silent Amidst Political Turmoil

It’s officially voting day here in the UK, not that many could miss the news of its onset. I’m posting this today because I’m not writing to change anyone’s mind, nor am I here to rant, I’m here to day that it’s okay to vote for whichever party you want, and that’s okay. 

April Chill (Aprilis Suskhi), 2010

Written and directed by Tornike Bziava, April Chill (Aprilis Suskhi) is a Georgian short-film that joins the ranks alongside many other underrated shorts.

Logos and Politics In The Name of Fashion

The lines are still blurred between altruism, business and style. We can argue as to whether fashion is sympathetic to society or using its vulnerabilities with clothes masquerading as idealism for financial gain or recognition.


In and amongst the hustle and bustle of London lies a very special part-bookstore, part-museum, part Parisian style café.

Advice: 15 Perils of Freelancing 

Yes, you can work anywhere but it comes with downsides. The coffee shop has crying babies and tables aren’t always free. The park has no wifi. Home has too many distractions. Find the right place for you, or at least the tools you need to work successfully and you can work anywhere. The Skype Interview.  Remember to…

Do What You Want Zine: A Brief Review

There’s was a loud thud by the door one morning. What had I ordered? Who had sent me something? It transpired that a wonderful friend of mine had Do What You Want sent to me as my birthday gift. I couldn’t be more greatful. I was also extremely surprised having been unaware of this printed zine or…

WESTERN FLAG – John Gerrard

The artwork erected in the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court of Somerset House marked Earth Day with a live-stream broadcast from anywhere in the world via any smartphone, screen or tablet.

Girls And ‘That’ Final Episode

With a show about becoming a person, becoming friend and inevitably losing them, has Girls done exactly what it set out to do, or has it suffered at the hands of exploration?

Vogue’s Future Under Edward Enninful

The industry is intriued by Enninful’s imminent role.As for Edward Enninful’s future at British Vogue, his bold vision, forward-thinking and background amongst various areas including styling, consulting and directing, is likely to bring British Vogue a unexpectedly needed change, propelling it into an uncertain and evolving future.