SMILF: TV’s Powerful Women

Strong Women. Predicaments. A Young Family. And A Fair Amount Of Basketball.     I had SMILF downloaded on my TV-box for about three weeks before a long week of work had me curled up in bed for a two-day binge. Granted, I did leave the bed for snacks, a shower and a walk in…

Marking Half-A-Century

I am writing this piece- a piece with no real direction but somehow addressing how it’s okay to be whatever you’re being right now, as long as you’re being you.  

The Oscars: Is It Ever Okay To Ask About The Dresses?

What I am referring to, is the: “who are you wearing” question that women on the red carpet are bombarded by every award season. This simple question has become one of the most detrimental sentences heard within the industry. But why?

V&A · Ocean Liners: Speed and Style

One of the latest exhibits to come from the V&A is one that spellbinds the masses.  On a day of temperamental weather in London, where better to escape too than in a world decorated with class, history, artistic influences and world-class engineering. The exhibition brings together the world of sea-travel from its glorious heyday, though  tribulations,…

Loving Vincent

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the only artists during my art-studies, that I can say I investigated most thoroughly. Perhaps what I found most captivating about his artwork, and the man himself, is the exact same mystical quality the world has seen him for since. 

Opera: Passion, Power and Politics

In its final week at the V&A, I entered the labyrinth of dramatic performance through spaces dedicated to Opera’s worldwide journey; beginning in Venice, each space quickly adopts its own character.

Russian Ark

Russian Ark: A Masterpiece in One Shot

I look at how Alexander Sokurov’s Indie/Arthouse film challenges the technical elements of filmmaking for a fantastical tale at the Hermitage

Instant Stories. Wim Wenders’ Polaroids

This year, with a whole host of special exhibits, it is Wim Wenders’ Instant Stories that is captivating audiences.

Two floors within the space are dedicated to the work of filmmaker, actor, playwright and photographer Wim Wenders (Wings Of Desire, Pina, Alice In The Cities). With over 200 polaroids, many of which are those largely unseen, alongside moving visuals and text by Wenders, the exhibition becomes a treasure trove, a visual narrative that looks into a small part of Wenders visual diary from 1970 onwards.

The New British Vogue

It’s hard to say what is in store for the future of Vogue, but under Enninful’s watchful eye and direction, Vogue’s future can only be bright. 

Breathe Easy (2016)

Ignited by Paul Mackie (DrunksLikeUs 2014 and All Above Board 2015), the film has been pulled together like a jigsaw and centred around one global event. The film is comprised of scenes each directed singly by twenty directors across ten countries.

27,000 Neckties for the Venice Biennale

The contemporary visual art exhibition organised and held in Venice biennially since 1895 has come a long way. As Picasso’s work was once  removed from the Spanish salon in the central Palazzo, in fear that its unconventionality may shock the public; the Biennale is now a place for artists from around the world to challenge and test perceptions.