Original Interview- April 2013

As Roy Lichtenstein put it, “Everybody knows that abstract art can be art, and most people know that they may not like it, even if they understand there’s another purpose to it.” Abstract art is visual, and with Samantha’s work, you can approach her visually compelling work, full of colour and texture, with little apprehension.

London born, abstract artist Samantha Lesley emerged from humble beginnings, “I enjoyed finger painting and painting by numbers which was my favorite”. A dream which looks like it has become a reality for this London based artist.

In the midst of her Fine Art degree at Middlesex University, she discovered more than just her artistic style, “I discovered Gerhard Richter during my studies at University and really grew to like his work. It wasn’t just his work which I loved; it was the way he used the paint on a giant canvas, and a huge squeegee to create such amazing abstracts.” Following on from University, her art has flourished.

“Nature, colour, mood. Three of my main big influences which have a big part of my everyday life” and with such works entitled Snow, Ice and Into The Woods, she expresses her inspirations through using “Acrylic, tried oil once before but couldn’t get on with it. When painting I never use brushes, as they don’t drag the paint against the canvas”. Her ability to create paintings which are often organic, with occasional linear aspects and with colour being essential, her works create a visual statement.

“The most difficult part of being an artist is trying to find the best way to market my work.”. For any budding artist, getting yourself known is always difficult, but with an exhibition list which is swiftly growing, she is certainly on the right path. Having had her work displayed around some of London’s artistic spaces including, The Vyner Street Gallery, The Iconic Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, The Hackney Downs Studios, SPACE art Gallery in North London, among other venues. “I have sold a few of my paintings; I was also selected for a newly established art gallery for a local artist’s exhibition.”

Accustomed to the use of social media, she often surprises her followers with photos of her work in progress, giving her audience an insight into her creative world and the ability to appreciate the time and effort that goes into her work. Documenting the various layers, the build up of a masterpiece, almost dissecting her work. You willingly wait for the finished canvas.

As an artist, it’s important to have other outlets. “I love going out and exploring new places. I like to visit art galleries and to go to private views as well as going shopping and going out clubbing.”

And her next steps? “I would like to have my own studio and to do many more exhibitions as I like to show my paintings to the public.” She further wishes to “inspire other practicing artists and students and my audience.”

How to find Samantha and her canvases :

City By Night, 2011

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