LFW: Advice for interns

London Fashion Week provides interns with great experiences. As an intern, you become an integral cog in the fashion week wheel, however, as an intern, and i hate to say it, you are given a job, a time frame, occasionally little or no money, and due to high tensions, you may be left feeling confused, abused and a bit low. You should not feel like this Fashion week is a great event and a great experience. Preparation is key for you to have an amazing time, which you can, and you may even bag yourself some goody-bags and will most definitely meet some great people!

With London Fashion Week looming, here i am passing on some learnt wisdom to interns who need a little advice.

Backstage, February 2013
Backstage, February 2013, ©MariannaMichael

Time: Aim for early, but not overly-eager early otherwise you will be stuck waiting outside. LFW is scheduled so get there early enough for you to find where you need to be and calm any jittery nerves. It’s all well sign-posted so finding your way around is easy.

In the know: Know the designer/brand/PR company you are working for as a little research and background information is key to making you feel at ease and to know what’s going on around you.

Social Media & Photos: Some get to tweet, insatgram, vine and blog from backstage. Great! But only do so if you’ve been allowed. You are there for a job, so remember that. Get the job done, then go about your social media-ing Tip: If you’re allowed to take photos, tweet etc, do it professionally! You may still be needed to pack things away or help with another errand so be on hand. Oh, and if you tweet, tweet nicely! Avoid “hating this LFW show, the dresses are all puffy and weird and the designers are awful”

Be nice: Obvious, no one likes a rude intern, or a rude anyone.

Black is chic: Especially as backstage dresser, you may be asked to wear black as you’re easily identifiable as it can get crazy backstage, and as Coco Chanel said “I have said that black has it all…”

Bags: You need to take personal belongings with you but often, you cannot take your handbags backstage. Find out whether you can, otherwise don’t panic! I bought myself a sort of flat pouch-bag which i had under my outfit with just my necessities in.

Put your best foot forward: And that would be in comfy shoes! Don’t wear ridiculous heels! Though we all love a bit of backstage drama, don’t run the risk of catching your heel on an expensive dress, knocking into a line of models, making them fall like dominos and ruining a designers showcase! And as for Jewellery, often a no-no as a backstage dresser, to avoid catching jewellery on garments.

Mercedes-Benz: Definitive car brand sponsor for London Fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz: Definitive car brand sponsor for London Fashion Week- ©MariannaMichael

Eat, Sleep: You may be working for the entire duration of fashion week or maybe for a couple hours. Either way, getting enough sleep means you will be on-the-ball which you definitely need to be in such a fast-paced environment. Do eat, especially beforehand and on breaks if you are working entire days. Keep hydrated, keep energy levels up and don’t make yourself ill.

Stick around See what’s on around you when your not working. There’s lots of events and exciting fashionable-happenings so don’t miss out, especially if you’re not being paid, make sure you have a great time.

Travel: Know how you’re getting there and how far away the station is to the event you’re working at. Check travel boards as TFL may have a minor disruption or issue with train-lines. Save travel tickets if the company you are working with will be reimbursing you.

Don’t panic! It can get stressful and crazy and you may feel like it’s all too much, especially for first-timers. Don’t panic, people are on hand to help, even though they may be busy and stressed, stay calm and ask someone who is not the designer or who doesn’t look like they are out to kill. If there are other interns around, you can always ask them first. Know who your port-of-call is, i.e. the person who gave you the job. On arrival, find them first unless you are told otherwise.

Email: You may want to bring an email with you confirming the details of your position as often, security are on the doors and need to know exactly who you are.

Good luck dear interns of London Fashion Week 🍀🍀

Stay tuned, i’ll be adding posts about street style photography at LFW and other LFW related posts

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  1. akarpowicz says:

    Great advice for the interns. Definitely, don’t panic 🙂

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