Eudon Choi AW14

Eudon Choi showcased his collection in the BFC Courtyard space. Alumnus of The Royal College of Art MA in womenswear, he has become a resident name at London Fashion Week and Choi’s twitter feed was another which had been releasing small snippets of what was to come for his AW14 show and lucky for all, his, was one of a select number of shows being shown online as a live feed.
His SS14 collections was everything, from floral, pastel, to monochrome and geometric and of course, beautifully cut, so what was in-store for AW14.
With a background projection of a Beatlemania scene and screams of hysteria in the background, the scene was certainly set, expecting a 1960’s tribute of some sort and the show may have been fashionably late, but it was worth it and as the black carpet was lifted, and the lights went down with a green tint, lights manically flashed, dropped to pitch black and with flashes, the light grew, as did the music, and out she came, clad in a beautifully draping purple coat and tan boots. This was the beginning of a great show. 
The third look featured a stunning white oversize backward collar emerging from under a black draping dress. This collar style appeared several times and was a true showcase of Choi’s creativity.
Pale brown light furs created a beautiful statement. From the coat to the slanted wraps. This wearable collection puts Eudon Choi on-top of the fashion ranks with messy hair-dos hair and a perfectly executed collectionEudon Choi’s stamp was all over this collection and one could not mistake it for anyone else’s. Drawing comparisons between this collection and his AW13 and SS14 collections shows he is a designer with a signature, a strong idea and a deep personal connection with his creativity, allowing his collections to speak volumes for him as a designer.
Leopard printed pink boots and a plethora of block coloured shoes and bags added to the looks. Delicate bouncing furs, block coloured trouser legs and electric blue knits and tailored trousers all made an appearance with coats draped on the shoulders of models, and delicate colour palette. 
Choi’s intricacy on the white shirt collars and sleeves, caught my attention. Choi knows how to treat fabrics of various natures and handles them in the most exquisite ways to create clear definition in shape and structure. 
The slanted, geometric look we saw of SS14 was back and this collection was more powerful and yet delicately feminine than ever.  Mustard yellow at it’s best and a look that gives hope to any woman who hasn’t the time to do her hair in the morning, in this collection, all will look remarkable. A wardrobe containing this collections would be a wardrobe fulfilled! 
The banality of gloves and coats diminished with this collection and paired with draping dresses of pure desire makes us yearn for this collection.The show ended on the finale of looks and Eudon’s appearance as expected. It has certainly been one talked about collection and you can catch more on the LFW site. 
Eudon's Playlist 
The Guess Who – SHAKIN’ ALL OVER
The Rolling Stones – (I CAN’T GET NO) SATISFACTION 



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