Where to eat? Where to eat?

Borough Market

Oh were oh where do a group of fussy/eclectic eaters go for good food? Well that would be Borough Market of course!

It’s safe to say that since Borough Market’s first appearance in the eleventh century, many have heard of this bustling selection of food and household-goods traders but here’s my guide to perfect day at the market.

If your in need of a sweet treat to pick you up, i suggest a bag of Comptoir Gourmand macaroons who trade in the Green Market. They are rich, tasty and cheaper than many banal, mass-produced delicacies. They also come in an array of strong colours which certainly keep me happy on  rainy afternoon. Comptoir Gourmand also offer a selection of creative meringues, brownies, tarts and more patisserie staples to a high standard like French éclairs.

Veg in all colours

Paul Wheeler (fresh supplies) LTD and The Tomato Stall are great places for fresh produce. The Total Organics juice bar is also a great place for a cup of fresh juice, nothing added. There’s tons of cheese, charcuterie, fish, condiment and bakery stalls however be patient. They’re all different and all have something unique to offer. A good pair of shoes will serve you well, and an empty stomach! The traders often have sample. Try before you buy of course, and what better way to shop that trying a spoonful of granola before buying yourself five bags!

Cheese at its best

And not forgetting the food-food. And by this i mean the lunch stalls. This is the hardest part of your trip to the market. Theres everything from burgers to soup and Pad Thai. It’s a great place if your in a group of people with different tastes or dietary requirements and its great to but a selection of foods and sit by the Thames for a bench-picnic.

8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL
Mon-Tue 10:00-5:00pm
Full Market
Wed-Thu 10:00-5:00pm
Fri 10:00-6:00pm
Sat 08:00-5:00pm

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sbelleau86 says:

    Reblogged this on Blogging from the Berkshires and commented:
    Ah, to go or not to go that is the question. Is this place to touristy or do locals like it too? Let me know if you’ve been and what you think. Thanks Marianna for the post.

    1. mariannamic says:

      Hi there!

      During summer/other holidays, it can get extremely touristy, however it does attract many locals as it is a a large fresh-produce market in the middle of the city.

      I’ve spoken to quite a few people who like it as they spend their whole week in the office and around the city and it feels a lot more local with a community feel. But be warned, it can get very busy.

      Marianna 🙂

      1. sbelleau86 says:

        Thanks! I really appreciate your input. My husband and I are renting an apartment in London for a week in October and we really want to feel like locals. Does it still operate in October?

      2. mariannamic says:

        Yes it does 🙂 have a wonderful stay and have a look through my blog as i have tons of insider London posts (unfortunately, the ones prior to a couple of months back are not categorised or tagged as i transferred them over from my tumblr- it may be easier to head over to my tumblr and in the search section type ‘London’ or ‘Travel’ and all my posts will pop up) 🙂

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