HBO’S Girls: “Role-Play”

“I can’t be a woman and a girlfriend and a gallerist and an electronic musician all at once. It’s just too many things.” Soojin seemed to have hit the nail on the head on females in todays society in the last British aired episode of Girls.

Adam, Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, Jessa, Jasper, Elijah, Desi, Soojin, heck even Dot, played by Felicity Jones were in this episode which appeared to one of the funnier episodes of this season. As well as being the one which featured everything, from yet another bath scene involving Hannah Horvath, a-sing-song, a relationship crisis and a father/daughter intervention thanks to Shoshanna.

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The episode began with a swift movement from numerous shots to a hangover to waking up in a checkered shirt in another mans bed, all before falling nicely into place back home to spark what turns into a rather unfortunate realisation…a relationship crisis which had been quietly looming over Hannah and Adam’s love life. But that doesn’t stop her throwing on a wig, calling herself Kim and heading into town to reignite that spark.

Shoshanna and Jessa bring the episode right back down to earth with some tough-love-talking whilst Marnie tries to balance her life with working in a gallery and getting her singing to the top, and we can’t help but think that Ray should be somehow entwined in Marnies affairs. 

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Throughout all of this, it turns out that Soojin is the character who resonates with me this episode. She expresses that she “can’t be a woman and a girlfriend and a gallerist and an electronic musician all at once. It’s just too many things”. This is possibly the best quote of the episode, not necessarily in terms of wit or hilarity, but sheer truth. Though Soojin says this is the most Soojin-manner, and by this, one means, asking-for-appreciation-and-a-pat-on-the-back manner, it is something that so many face. And of course, one can’t mention this without including the word feminism. The writer’s decision to include this is most definitely deliberate, and sparks interest. It’s subtle, but highlights a point that we cannot be everything at every point in the day. It’s a comment on modern society. On being a twenty-something-year-old-woman. A lesson we should all live by.

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Lastly, one must mention fashion. From opening scenes, Hannah’s fruity dress, complete with bananas, grapes, watermelon, blueberry’s and oranges. It was very Moschino Cheap and Chic SS12. The bandanas may have been less SS11 (also done by Moschino) but they were very Carrie Bradshaw. Shoshanna’s hair deserves special mention, because lets face it, didn’t we all want to throw our hair into that style after the episode?

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