Monday’s fashion. Monday’s Food

Yesterday, i was out on a mission. A mission to fill my wardrobe with SS14 staples, and of course buy lots of food to go with it. 

Fashion stop 1) Bought my ‘Ugly’ shoes. if you’re in the know, you will be well aware of the trend which have been making appearances since  Celine’s fur lined sandals in October ’12 came down the catwalk. It’s also a nineties revival trend: ugly and chunky, but in a fashionable way of course. I also came across a numerous amount of Mickey-Mouse-an- other-cartoon-character/American States/American-baseball-team-slogantee’s … however it seems that one has far too many sweaters so i had to hold back in that department. 

Food stop 1) Grind Coffee Bar. One beautifully, naturally sweet filter coffee. Inevitably, the coffee found me within my first forty-five minutes of shopping. 

Fashion stop 2) This part formed a whirlwind of a treat. I went in too many shops to even contemplate to list, but here’s what i found: Pastels, Pleats and one-too-many copies of the Burberry petal bag. F.Y.I, whether it’s the vinyl kind with flowers or embellished deerskin in every colour, Burberry do it best!  

Whistles, Warehouse, Zara and Cos certainly had my favourite pieces. Metallic, flat and chunky sandals, summer knits and sharp lines. From Zara TRAFALUC, the V-back lined lace dress at £59.99, crossover poplin top at £25.99 and the long jumpsuit at £29.99 will all serve you well this season. Pull and Bear‘s “I am not a unicorn” pink sweater was a favourite, as were the florals!

Food stop 2)

I headed to PHO for my lunchtime fix. A huge bowl of Pho Chin (Brisket) which got me ready for my next bought of shopping which in fact, resulted in me buying macaroons from L’Orchidee . 





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