Food Ventures

This week, one has been venturing around to pick up foods from around London. From London Fields, to Stratford City to Enfield.

In London Fields i found Isle of Olive who are located down Ada Street.

“Working directly with independent producers, agricultural cooperatives and passionate artisans, Isle of Olive sources and makes available to the UK market only the finest, authentic food products and ingredients, with a focus on knowledge, traceability and respect for the environment.”– Isle of Olive

I was glad i stumbled across this little Greek nest as i was able to pick up little things that i have been unable to find at other Greek delicatessens or that which i would normally buy on my trips back from Cyprus. They do everything from cupboard staples, chocolate, bunches of herbs and teas, fresh pastries and of course, olive oil.

The table in the middle of the stores is full of fresh baked goods. There were plates full of savoury Μπουγάτσα (mbougatsa) which is a sweet dish but often made savoury and slices of cakes and loafs. There’s even tables where you can drink your coffee and eat whatever takes your fancy, which is practically everything. And with friendly staff who are around to help you out and have a chat, you’ll never want to leave.

The products are fresh, organic and authentic and i also recommend their website which has a blog dedicated to Greek recipes including classics Φασολάδα (fasolada), which is a bean stew and Τυρόπιτα (Tyropita), a savoury cheese pie, all a little different than how granny makes.

I left with a pack of pasta from my μακαρόνια του φούρνου (a pasta/meat bake), fruity chocolate and biscuits which were meant for a δούκισσα (duchess cake), but i’ve more or less eaten half the packet so maybe not.

Isle Of Olive, 6 Ada St, London E8
Isle of Olive is situated down Ada Street, also home to this artwork

Next stop this week was Enfield’s Holtwhites Bakery. I had known about this bakery for a while but have never ventured in as i always pass when it’s shut.

Away from the commercial hubbub of the town and situated right by the river and green spaces, there sits this rustic bakery/deli where the breads are artisan, the baked-goods are fresh and delicious and they even sell fresh produce.

It’s a small hub of local goodness. They have everything from a cheese counter and charcuterie, to breads, gingerbread men and brownies and put a twist on classics making things like coconut buns.

The large table on entering is covered in croissants and sweet-treats so you’ll never leave unhappy, and they even make soups and sandwiches, and they too, have blog.

This is proof of a small local business at it’s greatest. Quality produce, humble in both it’s appearance and it’s staff.

Holtwhites Bakery, 119 Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 6NN

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