The Breakfast Club: An infatuation


Down Artillery Lane, lies a yellow doored hub of foodie goodness which landed at number 12-16 in 2011 after its first appearances in Soho and Angel.

The all-famous yellow door ©MariannaMichael

“It could have all been so different. Two children of the 80s, searching for that elusive name for their first cafe in Soho… ‘The Breakfast Club’ could easily have been ‘St Elmo’s’ or ‘Save Ferris’. Chickens and pigs would have breathed a sigh of relief. But it was not to be and The Breakfast Club was born in 2005 when we moved into a small cafe on D’Arblay Street in Soho, painted the front egg yolk yellow and filled the place with junk from our childhood bedrooms.” –

It’s certainly strange, in a good way of course, or maybe the word nostalgic is better suited. With an eclectic mix of wallpapers, photos, stickers and toys which adorn tables and walls, it is certainly the place to be seen. What’s great about this location, in the heart of one of the most business-orientated sectors of London, it adds a light-hearted, enjoyable place to eat. This is not to discourage from all the other great eateries in the area which offer everything from great food to outdoor ping-pong.

We all love a neon symbol ©MariannaMichael

The food is the biggest challenge. ‘What to eat?’ is the hardest thing you will have to decide. Lucky for me, i am heading to the Soho over the weekend, but still, it all looks so good! With a menu full of stacked pancakes, eggs cooked in all ways and everything in-between, fussy eaters will have no problem. Unfortunately, non-fussy eaters may. Deciding what to drink was my easiest choice. Serving everything from coffee, to tea, juices and cocktails, it’s a world of choice, but i opt for the CAPPUCCINO, an easy choice as i had not yet my first cup of the day.

My first cup of the day ©MariannaMichael

I chose the BACON AND BANANA FRENCH TOAST which they describe as a“Weird and wonderful eggy bread concoction”. It is! I was happy with my choice as my french toast is never this good and i rarely cook bacon. This entire concoction really did work. It was sweet, but not sickly-sweet. The french toast was perfectly soggy yet the crust was delightfully crisp with a golden brown colour. Bacon-was-perfect! And i love bananas, or any other fruit with savoury things, so having it with bacon was an enjoyable realisation. The portion was on the large size, but the taste was too.


The service, though rather erratic, was expectant. It’s constantly busy, but the staff are friendly and lively. The hardest thing about eating at The Breakfast Club was watching other peoples food, though i do see it as an excuse to comeback!

The Breakfast Club: 12-16 Artillery Ln, London E1 7LS



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