Thought of the day

After i had a rummage through all the books within in a department store earlier today, i felt a strong need for coffee, and so off i headed for that caramel macchiato beneath the sunshine.

Before leaving the store however, a woman began to embark upon the escalator down, with her baby in a pram, and her young daughter, who, quite suddenly became extremely afraid and got stuck at the top. Her mother had reached the bottom, and encouraged her young child to come down as she had done many a time before, but she was reluctant too. I held back. The woman then asked me i could help her daughter come down. The child, so vulnerable and teary-eyed clutched onto my hand, smiled at me innocently, and hopped on the step with me. She never let go until we reached the bottom where skipped to her mother when we reached the bottom. Though mildly awkward, to be trusted with a stingers child though in complete eye-shot of the mother, it was an uplifting moment. It was also incredibly sweet how the child trusted me. She was vulnerable and i felt blessed to be trusted.

Be kind to people. You get tons back!


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