Life in your twenties

Δ Figuring it out

Δ Buzzfeed

Δ Study hard (in most cases i can account for) and/or work hard.

Δ Intern

Δ Coffee

Δ Buzzfeed

Δ TedX

Δ Books and Movies

Δ Concoctions of food which should not be legal

Δ Buzzfeed

Δ Blog, write, journals, scapbooks

Δ Roadtrips

Δ Discoveries


2 Comments Add yours

  1. So true! My list would also have…

    *wondering where your money went
    *pretending to be taylor swift
    *constantly unsure whether this is the best or the worst time of your life
    *dreading being 30 even if it is still 7 years away!

    1. mariannamic says:

      Brilliant addition to my original post!

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