I am not one to hand over large sums of money hastily without being absolutely certain that what i am about to purchase will either be the best thing in the world, or possibly be something that saves the world, yes, i think big. 

For the first-ish time, i took a chance, i walked into SpaceNK, headed straight for the Malin+Goetz products, before dashing straight to the counter, handing over £38 and gliding out with a smile on my face. I did not look around, nor did i contemplate whether to buy a bunch of cheaper products for the same price.

I had first heard about Malin+Goetz’s 10% Glycolic Acid Pads quite recently. I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris on the arms  as well as occasional skincare irregularities and just wanted a product to work.

Malin+Goetz 10% Glycolic Acid Pads

Physician grade Glycolic Acid thoroughly sloughs away dead skin to encourage cell turnover, collagen production and to smooth wrinkles for a healthy, radiant glow. Highly effective glycolic acid clears pores and improves clarity and texture achieving maximum absorption without the irritation of an aggressive chemical peel. Use with anti-aging and acne treatment regimens. Natural fragrance and colour.

Though you do have to watch out with this product due to the aggression of Glycolic Acid, if you use it as it states on the box, it will work wonders. I am noticing lasting differences with this product and i have somewhat sensitive skin which is not irritated,  and as well as being a product that works, i do love the packaging! I am a sucker for pretty packaging or sticking typographical boxes.

When you use the product, especially on the face, it does feel rough, and for some maybe a little uncomfortable. Personally, i don’t mind, and in comparison to people who choose cosmetic sugary procedure, this is just a walk in a a very lovely, if somewhat rocky park for under a minute. Bonus!

I have only been using this product for two weeks, but i endeavour to post a full update when the ‘cycle’ is complete, i.e. when the pads are finished. 


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