Fake that tan.

I am a fake-tan-virgin. My skin is olive, and i tan naturally well, but with bare-legged celebrations forthcoming on my calendar and knee-length dresses, i am not letting my trouser-covered, somewhat pasty legs out in the open quite yet, unless i book myself a rather hasty trip to a mystical sunny island in time, which won’t be happening i dare think! 

My reasons for not using fake tan up to now are: 

  1. Its fake
  2. I’m usually minutely tanned before i bring the legs out
  3. Once i’ve completed my usual beauty regime, i simply can’t be bothered
  4. I’m scared i’ll look like a stripy person, with no disrespect to the stripy people amongst us. 


Today, i came across Anatomicals Tanatomicals Me Tarzan – You Jane. The name for one, is simply enticing, and as i walked past it, i pondered the thought of tanned legs to match the rest of my body! 

I thought i would do a trial, that way i have a week to keep my legs in trousers if all goes wrong. The instructions are easy, and i followed them to perfection, that was to start of with. I pumped, and then panicked. Suddenly i had a huge dollop of dark looking mouse on my leg. After a minor panic, i thought ‘follow instructions’, so i quickly forgot my worries and did what it said, and lo and behold, it was OKAY! I survived.

After finishing both legs, i felt a sense of pride and yes, a new freedom. It is definitely one to buy for the novice tanner. My legs, so far, look naturally tanned, moisturised and smudge free, other the one tiny streak which was entirely my fault as a receipt got stick to my leg and thats a whole other story! 

Tomorrow, i may wake up and my legs may look awful, but for now, dare i say, they look perfect. 

(The product even has it’s own website)


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