Oh how one forgets to recommend a place of good food.

Saturdays for me, equal Broadway Market. And Broadway Market equals tons of tantalising food picked up from various vendors before grabbing that coffee to-go and heading down the cana; this Saturday was rather different.

After meeting my friend at the bus stop, we headed straight to where the eggs are hot and the coffee’s needn’t no sugar. Market-Cafe. It’s a busy little nook-off-a-street-corner, easily missed if one not knows the area or you accidentally buy tons of food along your wander. 
Image: http://www.market-cafe.co.uk


Of course it is busy on a Saturday, but waiting twenty minutes was no trouble as i had a year’s worth of gossip to catch up on, and gave us the chance to study the menu of locally sourced brunches and Australlian-style coffee.
Within seconds of sitting at our corner, vintage-chair-adorned-table we ordered. One mocha, one cappuccino, Eggs Benedict (8.00) and the Market Cafe fry up (9.75), though it was a close call between the eggs and the Homemade French Toast with maple syrup (6.50), but i was after a good hollandaise sauce. 
The atmosphere is electric, and though rather loud, i repeated myself on one-too many occasions, it’s one of the places whereby it’s expected to raise your voice a little. The place is trendy, the fashions are eclectic, and the bar is buzzing with Bloody Mary’s and Grapefruit Mimosa’s out to order left right and center after 11am.  
Photo: http://www.market-cafe.co.uk
Considering the amount of people, the food arrived fairly quickly, giving me very little time two contemplate changing my order from the eggs to the french toast.
“Market Café is a modern British restaurant, bar and café in Hackney next to the Regent’s Canal. We offer East London a constantly evolving menu that features locally sourced ingredients for brunch and dinner 7 days a week, as well as our signature Australian-style coffee… Our bar features an all-European wine list, a signature cocktail menu, artisan beers and a range juices and soft drinks.”
– marketcafe

At first glance, the food appeared both simple and rustic. Effortlessly placed on the plate, but with enough attention to show that the upmost time and care is put into each dish. Through fault of my own, my eggs went rather cold as i decided to tell some great story of mine from the past twelve-months, thus, in a most dramatic fashion, using hand gestures and therefore did not touch my eggs for some time.  Had i have eaten them straight away, i am certain they would be been even greater. 
The hollandaise was on the right side of creamy and far enough from sickly. The muffin, though a little burnt, was the perfect base for my eggs, cooked perfectly and ham made for the perfect brunch. The fry up also seemed to go down well, as did the second orderings of coffee’s. 
My Eggs Benedict
Lest us forget, this is no fine-dining experience, but what it is, is a wonderful tribute to rustic British food with a little refinement and European influence. It’s far from intimate, unless you bag one of the smaller, more hidden tables, but the atmosphere is just right for making new friends with the tables beside you when they have the most adorable dog which you can’t bare not to mention. 
2 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ
  • Monday – Friday 11am-11pm 
  • Weekends  10am – Midnight  

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