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Tonight marked my first NT Live performance of this year. The evening’s performance was David Hare’s Skylight, featuring Carey Mulligan, Bill Nighy and Matthew Beard, a truly spectacular cast for a summery London evening.

When one sets down in their seat with an ever delectable Starbucks, sitting, knowingly awaiting a performance of both Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan, it is inevitably a hard performance to anticipate; but on commencing, despite a striking cast and emblematic story, it was the production design which is, foremost, the first striking element in need of mentioning. One single set, with the depth created by great imagination. Simple, yet certainly clever in use and in physicality.

Photo: John Haynes- NT website

Skylight is a great play that touches lightly but thought-provokingly on money, class, politics and love”- Sunday Times

The first character, considering the entire play consists of only three, captures the heart of the audience with foolishly witty humour, and true soul. Mulligan and Nighy also quickly find a place in our hearts, for reasons which change as the characters develop and reveal so much more than a love story, and we also fancy a Mulligan-cooked-spaghetti within the first half!

After the interval, a rare treat entails, Emma Freud interviews David Hare. He describes his 1995 play in 2014. A seemingly prevalent play for today, considering a gap of eighteen years.

What then commences, is the darkest side of this previously serious- light-hearted-serious play. Yet, it never looses spark or heart nor hilarity.

“The evening, the couple of hours you’ll spend with us, hopefully you will be moved by large human themes and you will be entertained and you will be made to laugh. And then you will be very hungry…”Telegraph


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