The twelve tableaux
The divisions of this film are displayed as intertitles on the screen. These are:

Tableau one: A bistro – Nana wants to leave Paul – Pinball
Tableau two: The record shop – 2000 francs – Nana lives her life
Tableau three: The concierge – The passion of Joan of Arc – a journalist
Tableau four: The police – Nana is questioned
Tableau five: The outer boulevards – the first man – the hotel room
Tableau six: Yvette – a café in the suburbs – Raoul – machine gun fire
Tableau seven: The letter – Raoul again – the Champs Élysées
Tableau eight: Afternoons – money – wash-basins – pleasure – hotels
Tableau nine: A young man – Nana wonders if she’s happy
Tableau ten: The sidewalk – a man – there’s no gaiety in happiness
Tableau eleven: Place de Chatelet – the stranger – Nana the unwitting philosopher
Tableau twelve: The young man again – the oval portrait – Raoul sells Nana

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