Dining at 160, The Wolseley

Since opening as a restaurant in 2003, The Wolseley has become a household name, and for good reason too.

“In 1921, Wolseley Motors Limited commissioned the architect, William Curtis Green, to design a prestigious car showroom in London’s West End…Chris Corbin and Jeremy King secured the site in July 2003 and its restoration and renovation was overseen by David Collins Architects. The Wolseley opened in November 2003.”– The Wolseley 

A place where the doors are opened and “sir” and “madam” are part of The Wolseley’s natural vernacular. The tables are laid to perfection, the silver is shined and the chandeliers are gleaming. The 1920’s decor is second to none.

Water was served promptly and the fanciest and most unique bread’s are served with real butter and a smile. A great way to start any meal. By this point, already, one expects an evening of fine dining, but not the sort which feels uncomfortable. The Wolseley is a place for gatherings and laughter, in the classiest of settings.

Served with care, the first courses which embellished the table looked far too good to eat, but too tempting to not be eaten: ● Deep Friied Scampii with Tartare Sauce (small) ● Escargots à lla Bourguiignonne au Pastiis (1/2 dozen) ● Croustade of Quail Eggs & Hollandaise. They were small, but not tiny and yet filled with flavour and perfectly centred on the plates. Neither dish were over-decorated, nor overcooked by that matter. There are no unnecessary frills, but perfectly accompanying garnishes.

We then went in for the mains. Fillet Steak, served with café de paris butter, gem heart salad and pommes frites ●Viennoise Schnitzel● Seared Duck Livers with Shallots and Marsalla● and sides: Carrots with Herbs● Potatoes with Herbs. Another set of rich dishes. The salad, though simple, were one of the finest green salads in all of the town. Delicate in look, fresh in colour and the perfect balance of sharp and sweet in taste. The steak was cooked as ordered, medium-rare, the livers were perfectly cooked and accompanied by spinach, potato and a jus. The schnitzel was as posh as a schnitzel can be. 

Despite having a phenomenally rich and filling meal, dessert was not a choice, but a necessity and our choices were simple, but with good reason: Portuguese Custard Tart ● Baked Vanilla Cheesecake● The Wolseley Battenberg. We drank the Wolseley blend tea which came in the most stunning silver pot, and large macchiatos, which for once, actually tasted like macchiato’s, a rarity it seems. 

160 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB


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