Granny Takes a Dip (and help the Hen Harrier)

When you think of bath time, no one wants to reiterate the phrase “granny takes a dip”; but if that granny is in the form of a Lush bath-bomb, then thats okay. With a staggering seventeen ingredients, including ginger, black-pepper oil and lemon oil, you’ll be in for a real treat.


It’s certainly a bundle of granny-dipping-fun at £3.25. A rainbow of colour and a raw citrus scent, forms into a bubbly menagerie of lush goodness. 

“This ginger, pepper and lemon-scented bath bomb turns your water psychedelic and puts some colour in your life. Simply drop into a warm bath and watch as its fizzing centre dissolves into multi-coloured waters. Its spicy, citrusy scent will pep you up: lemon oil boosts the mood, while ginger and pepper are warming.” –



Lush are also dedicated to the environment as many know, at they are currently trying to help the Hen Harrier birds. 

“Over the last few years there has been a rapid decline in the number of hen harrier in England; on the brink of extinction, today there are just three pairs left. There could be more than 300 pairs.

It is illegal to kill hen harrier or any other bird of prey in the UK.

The hen harrier, a national icon, was once common across the moorlands of northern England. Now, in our homeland it is on the brink of extinction as a breeding bird due to the illegal persecution it suffers on driven grouse moors. They are in desperate need of our help; therefore we would like to introduce you to the Hen Harrier Royal Family… The six most important and special birds in England. “–

The petition 


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  1. I have been wanting to try this new bath bomb for so long yet I forgot to pick up yesterday – oops!

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