Humanoid Fragments


Take care of yourself, you’ve only got one. Forget all the people in your life that do not make you feel good about yourself or the ones who are just crappy; instead, spend time with the ones whom you share stale pancakes with and play cards with on a Monday night (& try and win… Unlike me!) Go to places you’ve never really thought of going before, you may like it and find far more than you would have ever thought.

Go to the zoo, because everyone likes the zoo. Go with a ton of people. Taking eighteen people is fun, but beware, they wont all want to stay by the tigers as long as you do; on the upside, you’ll have a laugh, and possibly the best coffee you’ve had in a while. Do a ton of free things with a group of people you love- the park specifically, a good one with lots of apparatus, at 6pm on a sunny sunday evening; you wont regret it. Get Netflix. Buy and read lots of books. Try new foods… All the time. Do what you love!

Stop destroying yourself, whether physically of mentally, because you’re worth far more than being destructed. Humans are not worth more in parts; we are simply great as one whole piece (but all our damaged fragments are welcome, there special). Its the slightly impaired fragments which make great actors, musicians, professors… and everyone in-between.

Stop beating yourself up about the things you’ve done/not done; just be proud of who you are and where you’re going, because life is too fucking short to screw every day up with self-loathing.


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