Girls, Season 4

It has been announced that season four of HBO’s Girls is coming back! Dunham, via Instagram, teased the Girls following with a snippet of what can only be described as, a very very bad bike ride.

For some time, we have also been teased on the season 4 production diary by Dunham, Alison Williams and crew members from the set of Girls during the filming of season 4.

When the season will be airing is something we have yet to find out, and of course all we can do in the meantime is anticipate the antics of Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna and and Marnie. Until then, you can keep updated via twitter, Facebook and HBO; you can follow the soundtrack on Spotify and can keep informed via the two favourites of course, tumblr and snapchat. In case you are unaware, the Girls tumblr page is about the greatest place for Girls gifs, and the ‘girlsHBO’ snapchat account aims to provide viewers with behind the scenes snaps and teasers.




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