Monique Lhuillier Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Many designers thus far have been presenting everything, from the extraordinary, to the rather ordinary, but one must admit that the Monique Lhuillier collection, has rather outdone itself this year.

Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /
Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

Upon the room, was a darkness which remained so, until light reluctantly grew and was illuminated fully on the first look; a wearable piece of black and white and a hint of blush pink. The structured vest bodice, slash of pink across the chest and petal like skirt, fluttering in its monochromatic glory, was merely an insight into the joys of what Lhuillier had to offer.

The first selection of looks were divinely wearable. All matched with silver heels and simple hair and makeup, the clothes had room to shine by their own merit. Whether vests or skirts adorned in petals, shorts in pink satin-like fabric or the more structured black coat with silver and petal detailing and with peplums, pleats and bows, the beginning of the show, proved a high start for this NYFW stock-designer.


Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

The collection, though eclectic in a sense and broken into definite sections of style, was presented in the most seemingly connected fashion. Lhuillier’s explorative pattern cuts, fabrics and colours, were muddled together to create a collection with the ability of being many things, but remain as one solid, definitive selection of pieces which can be placed in the same show. At first glance, it can be seen that one of the final gowns, taken out of the collection, may be mistaken for another designer’s, such as that of Elie Saab; however, there is a style of beading, of colour and of texture, which presents it otherwise.


Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

Feminine silhouettes defined by the clinching of waists, with elegance emphasised by an array of fabrics and colours and not forgetting to mention, a plethora of shapes. Lhuillier’s focus was on day-wear this collection, and though gracing the catwalk were many evening gowns and delicate but elaborate forms, there was, for certain, a daywear aesthetic.

A gown, resembling that of her bridal collection, but as daywear had become a firm favourite. White with hints of green in the leaf detailing on sheer fabric, over a sweetheart bodice. Long-sleeved and some inches longer at the back; it is easy for the brave amongst us, to partner up gown with an up-do, satchel bag and pair of spring-boots, in burgundy tones, for example, and one has the perfect daywear outfit for the streets  of New York 2015!

Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /
Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

Lhuillier presented not just evening gowns in the most elegant and detailed fashion but did so alongside raw and organic shapes, which were also made to perfection; with great accolade given to her fabric choices, the way in which each piece has been created, shows her true dedication to not just the entire collection, but each piece as a reflection of her brand.

Inspired by a recent trip to Harbour Island (Bahamas), the collection, which was presented at New Yorks Lincoln center, presented her take on her findings. A delicate colour palette, metallics,  intricate bedding and severe shapes in contrasting fabrics, were married together to express her trips inspirations and give women a collection in which to wear for the forthcoming spring.

Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

As the catwalk resembled water and as sheer confetti fell upon ground, spring felt only round the corner. Ending on her pinnacle gown, it was no surprise that Lhuillier would be able to create a definite structure at the back of the dress, in a somewhat delicate fabric. The shape did not sag nor fall fully, but pertly and exquisitely.

The lights fell once more, and again, were illuminated on the final walks with yet more confetti and glamour.


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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    This is definitely a superb collection. Simple but with unique touches ❤

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