Lemon – Directed by Hollis Frampton (1969)

“This whole business of words – the whole sense of tense and complicated problems about knowledge, about making things in relation to all the things that were already made with words – seems to have fallen into film.

– Hollis Frampton

“Language and image, each trespassing in the other’s house, secrete disquieting disjunctions, conundrums, circularities. We are accustomed to the poetic strategy, within language, of bracketing a noun within the genus of yet another noun, which may come from an alien phylum, a foreign kingdom. Translation of that strategy into the economy of images yields artefacts….savagely grotesque, arch, silly….that seem to flee the rigours of self-reference; contradictory images, far from coalescing in a dialectical encounter, annihilate one another in a gesture that sweeps language clean of specification and seems on the point of suggesting a raw map of the preconscious work — the material ACTION — of language.”

– Hollis Frampton


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