Today i met: Rachel Gale

Today, i met illustrator Rachel Gale who has set up popup shop along Broadway Market.

There, this illustrator/animator/artist sells all her illustrated goodness, from baby-grows, to postcards, prints and tote-bags. This little shop is full of things you just want to buy, but for today, i got myself this pigeon postcard (£1) to add to my postcard wall.

As well as this popup shop, Rachel sells on Etsy at RachelGaleDraws, but her popup shop sells so much more; Mirrors, screen-printed t-shirts and more.


I think it’s fair to say that I adore food and animals. I express my thoughts and daily life through my image making, from mundane objects to the randomness of certain situations.I submerse myself into my work using mixed media, drawing and typography.


18 Broadway Market, East London, E8 4QJ 
Thursday & Friday: 10-5pm
Saturday: 9-5pm
Sunday: 10-4pm

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