Post of survival dear twentysomethings


✔ A Netflix account

✔ Rookie Yearbook One

✔ Rookie Yearbook Two

✔ F!ck I’m In My Twenties (by Emma Koenig)

✔ Something with a unicorn on it (can be a mug, sweater, cushion… or something to that effect)

Watch things by/with:

✔ Lena Dunham

✔ Wes Anderson

✔ Jean-Luc Godard

✔ Roman Polanski

✔ Mindy Kaling


✔ Anything that comes in a brioche bun

✔ Anything that combines bacon and maple syrup

✔ Buttermilk pancakes

✔ Avocado and chocolate dishes

✔ Mac’n’cheese

✔ Things that can be made in a mug, and then put into a microwave


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