Ralph Lauren: The Flagship Experience and Coffee at Ralph’s.

Only around four weeks after it’s opening, along New York’s famous and fashionable Fifth Avenue, i had coffee at the Ralph Lauren flagship store.

The smell of fresh paint was still prevalent and everything was shiny and perfect, but with the distant smell of coffee looming in the air, one had to find out just where it was coming from.


Spanning over four floors of shopping galore, the store is a menagerie of everything Ralph Lauren; from photographs, to clothing, gifts and books. It is a store which blends into a gallery space, whereby the art is in the form of the autumn collection. On my way to find the caffeine, it was hard to not to stop ever so frequently, especially when the staff are as you would expect of any New York store: happy, fresh and fun; therefore i stopped rather frequently for a chat in all honesty.


On becoming upon the fourth floor, there it was, through open doors, greeted by a communal table and the most astonishing collection of books (outside of a library), Ralph’s. Ralph’s the first, and hopefully not the last, coffee shop by the beloved Ralph Lauren. In all it’s green glory, Ralph’s is a coffee shop described as being that which “blends in that spirit [on talking of his own connection to coffee] and create a place where people could come together and take a break from their busy days.” – Ralph Lauren.


Ralph’s is not the first culinary endeavour of Lauren’s; Ralph Lauren has opened two restaurants; RL along Chicago Avenue, Chicago and Ralph Lauren in Paris along Boulevard Saint Germain. Both serve up a culinary treat, from American classics, to refined dining. Ralph’s, on the other hand, is something entirely different. It’s a place for all to quite literally, pop into. Grab a book, browse a cookbook and enjoy a coffee alongside a mini apple crumble, muffin or other sweet treat or sandwich.

Ralph’s provides a relaxed atmosphere to drink your organically grown coffee. The white tiled walls, wooden flooring and fresh flowers, accent the concept perfectly. And better yet, the coffee was great. When in New York City, coffee is a must, and after many days of drinking many coffee’s, this was the one to talk about. The cappuccino was in fact the best of the entire trip and when it came to the white coffee, it was clearly not instant. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of coffee, one must say that Ralph’s was clearly no hasty decision. Time and effort has gone into the coffee shop, as well as into the flagship store itself.


The two spaces of shopping and food, merge perfectly, but the store is exquisitely set out. Rugs and throws, strewn amongst mannequins, before racks of neatly laid out pieces. Attentive staff to find anything you can’t find on the racks and well, most importantly, a fresh take on merchandising. Whilst shopping the collection, don’t forget about the Pink Pony collection for breast cancer prevention. Through the use of social media, as well as in-store, the brand aims to raise awareness of the #PinkPonyPromise. 


So, what are you waiting for? They even have a Ralph’s truck to please all New Yorkers who are too far from 711 Fifth Ave. at 55th St. The only downside was that i was unable to enjoy another [ten or so] trips to Ralph’s before returning to London, but there’s now certainly, a reason to go back.


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