Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

When in London, i read an article about the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop; then i went to New York, and got me some ice cream (and some buttons…)


At 61 Grove Street (at Seventh Avenue South), on my way through the village, i made a stop to see what all the hype was about. I walked in and saw Estelle Getty’s picture on the wall, in rainbow glory and ordered a ‘Bea Arthur’ without contemplating anything else. One may not be the worlds greatest ice-cream lover, but vanilla ice-cream, dulce de leche and crushed ‘nilla wafers, which all come together to pay homage to a Golden Girl, is just right for me. The ice-cream was huge, and yet we also ordered a cup of vanilla ice-cream with spicy-crushed pistachios.


Throughout their years living in New York City, Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff had always focused on their respective careers — until they got themselves a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Their seasonal truck debuted in June 2009, and since then, the business has seen a whirlwind of publicity and has become a New York favorite.

Vanilla Ice cream and spicy-crushed pistachios
Vanilla Ice cream and spicy-crushed pistachios

Going late afternoon was treat! We found a table, had a laugh with the vibrant staff and enjoyed the music whilst we tucked into our ice-cream.

The ice-cream was tasty, though a somewhat glorified soft-serve, but who am i to judge. Gelato on the other hand, is something i know about. The toppings were exciting and unique; Cayenne Pepper, Key Lime Curd and Wasabi Pea Dust, are just a selection of tantalising offerings. The Bea Arthur was perfect however; A mountain of ice-cream, swirled with a beyond generous helping of dulce de leche and delicately dunked in the ‘nilla wafer dust. I hate to admit it, but i pretty much ate the entire thing!

During one visit, there is only so much ice-cream one can have, so i can only comment on the Bea Arthur, but first and foremost, the place is quirky. Little ice-cream trays to control the mess, rainbow colours everywhere and  unicorns dotted around. On the menu are also ice-cream sandwiches, shakes and if you’re in the mood for coffee, there’s even a ‘Big Gay Blend’, which makes for a great iced-coffee served to your specification.

To remember your experience, grab yourself some badges, a t-shirt, a mug, or anything else from their selection of goodies; and don’t forget to try a unique combination of ice-cream.



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  1. I love Big Gay Ice Cream. I ordered the Salty Dog and other ice cream now leaves me disappointed and unsatisfied. The best part is that it’s just up the street from Carnagie Deli.

    1. mariannamic says:

      I was impressed! Considering i’m not the greatest ice-cream fanatic.

      1. It’s just the blending of flavors and not just relying on sweetness. I waited in line at the brick and mortar store and it was worth it. #icecream

  2. mariannamic says:

    I recommend a topping with spice 😉

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