Selfridges Everyman Cinema

Down in the lower ground of Selfridges, in and amongst the greatness of the homewares department, lies an independent cinema; there’s everything from great movies, to great dining options.

Earlier in September, Selfridges opened the very first department-store cinema. Sofas and cushions and little wooden tables, make this cinema somewhat more enticing than our regular local. The cinema offers a place here, after hours of shopping, you take your yellow bags, drop them by your feet and relish in the delights of cinemas newest editions.

Everyman Cinema

Shopping is a fun form of escapism, so to offer our customers access to the escapist power of cinema within Selfridges, makes for a great combination

Linda Hewson, Selfridges creative director 

The cinema is a collaboration project with Fusion Design & Architecture, whom have also worked on the bespoke lightings. The idea behind the look of the cinema, is to be an eye-catching, retro and quirky pop-up, enticing all film lovers , tired shoppers and everyone else in-between.


Everyman at Selfridges
LG Floor
400 Oxford Street

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