Destination Christmas

Once upon a christmas season, the people wandered through the street holding hot cups of coffee; where there they saw, the most magnificent and glittery and enticing windows to ever be seen…

Selfridges, 2014 Christmas Window
Selfridges, 2014 Christmas Window

As you’re welcomed by the sign ‘Destination Christmas’, you’re instantly filled with the butterflies of christmas excitement. This year, the windows of Selfridges are not calculated formations of christmas lights and fancy products, but a menagerie of all our favourite storybook classics, entwined in the glitters and sparkles of each window concept.

Moschino, Charlotte Olympia, Tom Ford, Ted Baker, Emporio Armani and Kurt Geiger, are just a selection of fashionable names you can spot in the dazzling windows. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for others, the windows alone will inspire you for jewellery ideas, coats, cups, shoes and more!

The main feature will be the Golden Goose. He will be wearing a top hat and a monocle which is a sort of tongue in cheek reminisce towards Harry Gordan Selfridge.

-Bruno Barba

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