Various Artists Archeo

So, you’re walking along the high line and you fancy a drink, so you head for the bright vending machine, but oh; unless it’s a bottle of ‘credit card’ or ‘yoga mat’ that you’re after, then you won’t be getting anything to drink!

 April 17, 2014 – March 2015 Various locations on the High Line 

After the very mistake of attempting to buy a drink, you come across the work of contemporary artists with a message. ANTOINE CATALA, ISABELLE CORNARO, YNGVE HOLEN, JESSICA JACKSON HUTCHINS, GAVIN KENYON, JOSH KLINE, AND MARIANNE VITALE are the artists whose creativity has been displayed on the High Line.




Today, many young artists engage with technology by exposing both its fragilities and merits. Their artworks embody an attitude that is simultaneously critical and nostalgic, in which the optimistic idealism of technological progress is countered by a disenchanted skepticism. Some of the works in the exhibition describe a recent past which resembles a dystopian future, featuring a wasteland of discarded machines and castaway objects. Other artists are more enthusiastic about the potential of technology but warn us against its dangerous side effects and its planned obsolescence.

DSC01207It’s fascinating to watch how a simple installation can engage a variety of passers by. It’s almost a trick. Engage the wanders with something they desire, by manifesting it within artwork. The High Line is a place full of artwork, much of which either goes unnoticed, or is seen by people whom know little about what they are viewing. This piece, draws in the crowd, and then has them both entranced by what they’ve just done and therefore has them questioning the world we live in.


People chuckle at the bottles filled with liquid ‘crowd control’, ‘french fries’ and ‘pig’s blood’; but the message within, is quite a song one. Some of the artists are sending a message of warning, of what technology will potentially do to society. Others, wish to present the scepticism within a technology-fuelled-scoiety and some aim to paint an image of a potential future.



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