It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Somerset House has become the epitome of christmas; with the famous ice-rink calling both skating novices and enthusiasts, as well as a landmark tree. But now, Somerset House have called in Fortnum and Mason, for the most Magical Christmases of them all: Welcoming, The Christmas Arcade.


The hallways are decorated, the staff are dressed in red, and fifteen rooms are adored with all of the goodness that could possibly come out of Fortnum and Mason; Chocolates, mince pies, tea-sets, crackers and beauty sets, are amongst some of the products you can pick up at the christmas arcade.

You’ll be able to buy everything, from gifts for everyone in the family, (and having them gift wrapped too), as well as getting everything for your tree, table and hungry tummies. The hampers are the most enticing, whilst the Fortnum and Mason hessian bags will definitely be on your list of purchases! The staff are attentive, the music is cheerful and the decor is second to none.

Photo: MariannaMichael
Photo: MariannaMichael

This year, The Christmas Arcade transforms into a pop-up version of Fortnum & Mason’s flagship Piccadilly store. Occupying the West Wing of Somerset House, overlooking the ice rink The Christmas Arcade will be beautifully decorated by Fortnum’s award-winning Visual Display team and feature an edited selection of festive gifts, so savvy skaters and spectators can get ahead with their Christmas shopping.

-Somerset House

Photo: MariannaMichael
Photo: MariannaMichael

Arguably the most luxurious pop-up shop experience you’ll have ever had, this pop-up mall consists of the best of British design with names such as Bengt and Christy’s Hats. The West Wing overlooks the skating rink for bored children or husbands.


What makes this experience more than just a festive shopping trip, is the tea lodge which has also been set up. Once you’re seated, enjoy a bowl of walnuts and clementines, and browse the menu full of delightful treats. You can also enjoy a full menu, or a quick break with some tea and bar snacks. The plate of mini-mice-pies with orange mascarpone is a true christmas plate (and great for sharing), whilst their section of teas will keep you in high spirits. The Green Tea with Elderflower is a subtle blend of flavours, whilst the Royal Blend, is their answer to any mood.

Head to the ice rink, where a Fortum and Mason-decorated tree stands tall, the music and colourful lights are keeping everyone happy, and the ice is there and waiting!

Somerset House, StrandLondon WC2R 1LA

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