What one learnt in 2014: Vogue is a clever cookie when it comes to the female body.

Cass Bird and Jorden Bickham; two names which came together to give us all a taste for the real world.

Wearing the right bra was of course a main focus of the editorial; But that just wasn’t enough. What Vogue did instead, was give us a diverse range of phenomenal women (all in stunning lingerie), and did it at the height of a fashion-media frenzy. The frenzy one is referring to, is that of Myla Dalbesio’s ‘plus size’ shoot for Calvin Klein. And there Vogue appeared, grabbing the most fashionable headlines with their golden girls.

Photographed by Cass Bird | Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham

The main line of Vogue’s piece was: “The Best Lingerie Comes in All Sizes and Shapes”, and maybe that is the sort of message women should be linking more often to their daily lives. There are, and have been many misconceptions with high-fashion magazines and brands. Many scholars, writers, bloggers as well as readers, at times have debated the industries beliefs on everything from size, to fur in fashion, and so a piece like this by Vogue, in no way, would have gone unnoticed by all.

Most women don’t know what size they are. They were never measured and are uncomfortable having it done—It was only a few years back that I actually knew my size!

– Inga Eiriksdottir

Photographed by Cass Bird | Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham

The photos are beautiful, the lingerie is enticing and the women are inspiring. Inspiring because they embrace their bodies, and do it with class, sassiness, style and pure finesse, with a hint of humour and a ton of drama.

In One Stunning Photo Shoot, ‘Vogue’ Models Are Fixing Fashion’s ‘Plus-Size’ Problem


It’s by far not the most revolutionary editorial we’ve seen in recent years, but it has been, most certainly one of the most striking and photographically strong. Simple, with a strong message and at the right time socially. With the ever growing issue of body image, it’s more than refreshing to see women embrace their bodies, and not necessary because of their size. The images are raw. They are real and they are images not linked to the words: exercise, detox or diet.

Photographed by Cass Bird | Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham

I probably had boobs at the age of eleven! I was young, and it was definitely the wrong type of bra—in fact I wore the wrong type of bra until I got into this industry and started learning about my body.

– Marquita Pring

Editorials in magazines drive us. They give us something to aspire to. They present to us that dream factor in fashion we yearn for. They make us buy luxury products and we cut them out, stick them on our wall, study them and make fashion films to match. It’s a great industry, but maybe a little reality now and again, could become a revolutionary way for brands and magazines to thrive in this growing industry. Here’s to Vogue in 2015.

See VOGUE.COM for all the photos.


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