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Yes Please

Amy Poehler

If you’re not already in love with Amy Poehler, then why not? This SNL and Parks and Recreation familiar face has partly written a book (with excerpts/pages written by Seth Meyers and her parents). It’s what one would expect of  Poehelr, humour,  honesty, good advice and actually, some quite interesting information.

“You have to care about your work but not about the result. You have to care about how good you are and how good you feel, but not about how good people think you are or how good people think you look… Treat your career like a bad boyfriend. It likes it when you don’t depend on it. It will chase you if you act like other things (passion, friendship, family, longevity) are more important to you.”– Amy Poehler

There’s not an ounce of arrogance in her writing and thus, whether she’s writing about her famous friends, success, jobs or anything in between, all you can do is be happy for her. At times the book can seem too technical; she delves into TV-talk, which will captivate any TV-lover, crew-member in the industry or anyone with a general interest. It may scare off others. She, at times also speaks much of other people who many will be unfamiliar with, but again, the way in which she writes, will make all want to read on.

“Keep your virginity for as long as you can, until it starts to feel weird to you. Then just get it over with.”– Amy Poehler 

She writes sweetly of her childhood, her life and her friends. She inspires us to go follow our dreams, without sounding like a self-help book, and without uttering those words; whether she’s speaking of her twenties, thirties, fouries, motherhood or struggling years, she never deters anyone from really living through those times. She teases those she loves in the most gratifying kind of ways; she humorously insults them and acknowledges their successes at the same time.

Yes Please, is a book that all Amy Poehler fans should read, and a book all of her non-fans, if there are any, should read.

Yes Please, Amy Poehler
Yes Please, Amy Poehler

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