The Man at the Counter


In September and October 2010, in Hudson, New York, a group of talented people came together to film what was once a poem; resulting in, The Man at the Counter (2011).

The process of filmmaking was documented on Phil Haber’s photography blog. The result? A blog not just documenting the filming process, technical notes and and crew happenings, but one which presents the beautiful stills which were shot in the process.

“Sprouting from a poem written by playwright and screenwriter Rebecca Sue Haber, the short focuses on a teenager working at a small-town coffee shop who notices an old man repeatedly stealing sugar packets. As the boy attempts to solve the mystery of the stolen sweetener, he eventually discovers a new outlook on life. With its rhyming couplet voiceover and lyrical visual style, it’s the kind of story that could have easily been too cloying, too cutesy. But, McAllister is a skilled storyteller, his abilities as a filmmaker transcending that which had the potential to be too saccharine. The film earns all its moments—the climax powerful enough to even make the staunchest of pessimists feel a bit verklempt.”-

Starring: Ian Hyland, Bill McHugh and Tom Everett Scott

Director: Brian McAllister
Screenplay: Rebecca Sue Haber
Producer: Robert Cammisa
Director of Photography: Dennis Donovan
Music: Jarkko Hietanen
Executive Producer: Jim Mayzik


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