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Not That Kind Of Girl 

Lena Dunham

There was a time when Lena Dunham’s name was so highly associated with Girls, we almost missed her book. Then all the hype was on the book, and then it was on season 4 of Girls. But what is the book really like and what can we expect?

“It’s not brave to do something that doesn’t scare you.” ― Lena Dunham, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”

Not That Kind Of Girl, Lena Dunham
Not That Kind Of Girl, Lena Dunham

It is a book that has been both highly praised and yet disregarded by many. And it is a shame, because despite it’s reception by some, what Not That Kind Of Girl does, is inspire a generation. Nobody can forget the Hannah Horvath quote from season one: “I think that I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least a voice. Of a generation.” And maybe that is what this book it too. A voice of a generation. She is someone who is not afraid of the truth or of their reality, which is in fact a reality of others too, and she writes it in a book for all too see.

“I can never be who I was. I can simply watch her with sympathy, understanding, and some measure of awe. There she goes, backpack on, headed for the subway or the airport. She did her best with her eyeliner. She learned a new word she wants to try out on you. She is ambling along. She is looking for it.” ― Lena Dunham, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”

Lena at the 2013 eMMYS, Credit: Lena Dunham/Celebrity
Lena at the 2013 eMMYS, Credit: Lena Dunham/Celebrity

What people forget, is that this book is one that has not been written purely to sell a book, or to share her life’s story. What it is, is a collection of stories, her ideas, occasionally her thoughts. The books is well put together for what is essentially a mishmash of Lena-goodness. She writes well and that is for certain. But the book is a roller-coaster.

“It’s not Lena Dunham’s candour that makes me gasp. Rather, it’s her writing – which is full of surprises where you least expect them. This is a fine, subversive book” – David Sedaris

At times her words are profound and meaningful, other times, somewhat basic or ‘normal’. Perhaps that is what makes her successful; in the same way that the now Rookie Trilogy (RookieMag) has become a blessing for many young, aspiring people, a sense of normality is needed. It is often not how it is said, but what is said. It may also be what Dunham represents. She in herself, has become a brand for a generation. Her films, TV show and book, are all part of what she represents. She is bold, she is unique to some and she too is a blessing to many. She writes what we wish we could say, she is often our thoughts. As with anything, Dunham divides a generations. It may not be the best ever book written, and from the sound twenty-eight year old, we can expect far more greatness from her in the years to come. It is always down to personal opinions, but one thing for sure, is that from the book, you will learn many lessons.

“Is what’s manifesting as a fear actually some instinct to resist being young? Youth, with all its accompanying risks, humiliations, and uncertainties, the pressure to do it all before it’s too late. Is the sense of imminent death bound up in the desire to leave some kind of a legacy?”  ― Lena Dunham, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”

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