Things to do now

1. Stay in a hotel in your own city; it’s one the greatest things you can do. Wake up early, and explore that part of the city.

Photo, by Corey Miller (via tumblr)

2. Have rain-music on your iPod and sit in a park or by a rainy window. Music should include:

Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed

Youth, Foxes

♣ Born To Die (the entire album), Lana Del Rey

♣ Fast Car,  Tracy Chapman

3. Eat Well. Eat fancy food. Eat at fancy places. Eat at home the rest of the time so you can save up the money.

Found on

4. Go late-night shopping every once in a while.

5. Watch a lot of films; especially the older ones, classics and those by notable filmmakers, oh and ones by newcomers. Just watch films!

Anna Karenina, 2012
Anna Karenina, 2012 (photo via filmgrab)

6. Plan ahead, but leave room for spontaneity.

7. Never stop learning

8. Treat people to things: coffee, cocktails, doughnuts, days out…. But if they never reciprocate. Stop!

Found on via pinterest

9. Learn another language. One that you might actually use for work or travel is a bonus.  

10. Have lots of sleep

11. Travel

Isle of Skye, Scotland Found on via pinterest

12. Find the joys in the simple things. Walks, glitter, a really good cup of tea.

13. Have aspirations

14. Have friends of all ages.

15.Have a karaoke song ready, always! Because you never know when.

Marie Michaels (HBOGirls)


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