Max Hattler produced a stop-motion film which set the bar high for the digital arts. 

If you’re Max Hattler, making simplistic, seemingly dull objects and turning them into a digitally compelling work of art appears easy; AANAATT is a film which explores objects in a space or ‘dynamic universe’. Everything interacts in this experimental piece of work, whereby the music of Japanese artist Jemapur, is played. It is both a work of collaboration and story in itself. Industrial design and contemporary art have merged in five minutes of filmic excellence.

“An abstract animation created by Max Hattler. 3D objects build up in the unknown space creating beautiful visuals and textures on screen.” – animade, 2011

“Max, AANAATT is one of your most beautiful animations. I often show it as an outstanding example to my students. Above all, the work is NOT just another demonstration of technique or technology, but rather a classic in the field of Visual Music, and a unique example of creative ingenuity and elegant design.” Robert Darroll, media artist, 2011

To no surprise Hatler’s list of screenings, lectures, festivals and retrospectives is extensive and worldwide. Keep up to date with MAX HATLER 


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