The Greatest Days

Originally posted on my Tumblr

Those are the greatest days. There are several of them.

One of them, is when you’re queuing up to buy a coffee, and then just as your about to take it and walk away, your friend calls you over. She has been sitting in the corner, and noticed you at the last minute. And then you sit there, for a couple of hours and chat and it happens to be the friend that’s just plain wonderful.

Some are even simpler. Whereby it takes one person, to say one thing, which makes you realise that maybe, the world is not always terrible.

Then, other times, people come down for a visit. They book a train just to spend some time with you all, and you get an unexpected text, and so you arrange a brunch in one of your favourite places in the city. You go to pick them up from where they are staying, which is consequently, as some people who you also admire and love.

So, you drive through some of the most beautiful of areas whilst it begins to snow, and the scenery is perfect and instills you with the sort of confidence which makes you feel like you can conquer anything. You arrive at your destination, where you are invited in with open, warm arms and chatter and watch the snow fall and laugh and are just as happy as you could be. And though now, the snow has turned to rain, you head for the outdoors and off to brunch you go.

The people are out, the rain has fallen and the sun begins to emerge. You wait for a table, and watch all the cocktails pass as you anticipate the menu burgeoning with every great brunch food you could imagine. Once you are seated, you order coffees and food and you chat and people-watch and laugh and sit in the silence. But the silence is good and not awkward; it’s more like a pause for reminiscing, or for the laughter in your gut to settle.


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