From My Sofa

As one anticipates the return of House Of Cards, there is only one way to soften the wait; that wait, comes in viewing Fortitude

If you have Sky Atlantic, you would have been watching Fortitude for the past two weeks. Right? If not, stop reading this and catch-up. If you’ve been watching it, then please, read on fellow TV enthusiasts.

This £25m Scandi-endeavour now seems more than a business deal to steal TV ratings from larger American dramas, and it’s working! The scene is a barren one and full of A-lister names. Stanely Tucci, Christopher Eccleston, Michael Gambon and Sofie Gråbøl are set in front of the Northern Lights and left, surrounded by Polar Bears, but there is, or so we assume, something or someone, more sinister lurking in the snow. But thats the thing, perhaps there is not, perhaps it was some sort of accident, maybe every incident is linked and perhaps not. What is certain, is that writers and directors have invested much creativity, imagination and knowledge into this work, and it’s paying off.

Stanley Tucci, Sofie Gråbøl & Christopher Eccleston

“As the cold Arctic darkness gives way to endless summer nights, the apparently idyllic community struggles to make sense of the horror that has been let loose at its heart.”-

A crew of 120, is an extensive group of talented people whom have come together to film Fortitude in both Iceland and the UK. Executive  Patrick Spence said in an interview with the Radio Times, that “architecturally and geographically [Iceland was] very similar to the places we’d seen in the Arctic…”. In the interview, Spence divulged into other areas of Fortitude, including the characters: “We give the audience characters that will never be the same again, and we hope that there are other stories that we can tell through their point of view, and they will be equally interesting.”

It has what we could expect of such a piece; mystery, drama, tension and a sinister undertone. But what it also provides is subtle humour, impeccable imagery and stories of love, passion and loss. We are tested to our core. We are repeatedly shown a corpse and are repeatedly given snippets of information on disease in such a landscape, laws and the references to the medical sciences and a variety of deaths, from those of animals, to a beloved professor. We make inferences at every given moment and more importantly, what Fortitude presents, is a relation to real-life; in both relationships and scientific and global studies.

“Fortitude is a unique place surrounded by the savage beauty of the polar landscape.”

This mid-budget creation has us anticipating everything and everyone. We think we know exactly what is to occur and develop, until we are left somewhat disconcerted. We may actually be wrong. Though we could worry about the multiple writers, for such a short drama, and thus, wonder whether the remainder of Fortitude will hold the same focus, all once can do, is sit at the edge of our seats and watch it all unfold in all it’s cinematic beauty.


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