Jean-Pierre Braganza AW15: Reviewed

Last season, Jean-Pierre Braganza made us fall in love with a black, white and a mushroom palette all over again; this season, Braganza brought something different. 

Jean-Pierre Braganza, who is also showcasing a film on Monday for the Fashion Film Event (Jean-Pierre Braganza X River Island), in linking to his collaboration with River Island, has come to London Fashion Week with a collection, and Toni and Guy on hand for hair.


The Show 

Just prior to the show, the room was bare, but once the fashionable crowd had sat themselves down, they knew they’d be in for a treat. F.Y.I. the frow looked just as fashionable as ever.

@Deadready posted this pic of the Jean-Pierre Braganza  show prior
@Deadready on twitter posted this pic of the Jean-Pierre Braganza show prior

The sheet was peeled off the floor and the sirens began to ring out as the spotlight began it’s search across the room. Then, there was light. Terry Barber, of MAC Cosmetics, stated how they were inspired by Japanese art, an idea which comes across in the collection as well.

Embellished cuffs, wide legs and fur collars, were amongst the first bunch of looks. What was to follow, was an eclectic palette of colour, an almost darker palette as his collection from last season. But for sure, this plethora of colour was introduced into the collection by a man who knows colour very well. Each shade was so entirely perfect, that the combination of these colours in one collection was tight.  Exposed zips, culottes, laser-cuts, high boots, and floral embellishments wandered down the catwalk. The fabrics, though not solely eclectic, were varied. Silks added a little more lustre, whilst furs added an aristocratic softness. Digital prints, occasionally embellished, the slits of the skirts and dresses and the curvature of structured sleeves were an added bonus.


This was another wearable collection. Structured in its aesthetics and enhanced by the detail of the pattern-cutting. It was in the structure of the pieces that i first made a connection to Japanese work; thinking of the fabric manipulations and fashion innovations of Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. The idea of wraps, knots and twists, as well as some creative pattern-cutting had all come together for this effortlessly innovative collection, seen in the details of many of the pieces. In the same way that simple and more intricate fabric manipulation took place, geometry and art also manifested themselves in the work of Braganza. Lines, asymmetry, blocks, squares and more organically-artistic patterns added a little more punch into the collection as a whole.

To end the show, was a dark-turquoise evening gown, which is doubtlessly Oscar worthy! And this was all in addition to the selfie-man, whom ran down the catwalk for a final-walk selfie.

The lines were delicate and clean, but the structure was altogether strong. each piece could stand on it’s own two feet, or at least on its own.


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