Why Paris Fashion Week was a true winner

There’s always a buzz in the air around Paris Fashion Week, quite obviously. But this year, Chanel had their own cafe where Karl Lagerfeld had coffee with Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, and oh, what was that, Zoolander and Hansel joined in at Valentino! What else could have possibly happened?


1. When Film Quite Literally Met Fashion.

The crowd went wild. The people stood. The noise grew. This was at the Valentino collection at PFW [Fall 2015]. But as beautiful as the collection was, it wasn’t all about the clothes. Now is the time we anticipate Zoolander 2 which is set to come out early next year. Derek Zoolander and Hansel joined the fashionable crowd at Maison Valentino as the announcement of the sequel came out. Since 2001, the film has become a cult favourite of generation, earning itself memorable moments and having become an almost entirely quotable film and now, we await a new adventure which from what we know, is being shot, or at least partly, in Rome.

“I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.” – Derek

Photo: Kevin Tachman for Vogue
Photo: Kevin Tachman for Vogue

In character, Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) strutted their stuff for the announcement of the sequel. But it wasn’t just the Valentino collection we were excited to see. A backstage video including Anna Wintour and numerous humours photos with models and their selfie stick made this appearance far more delightful. All we can do now, is anticipate the lounge-and-cheek humour to return, and the model cameos that we might be seeing in the newest Zoolander.  As for the Valentino collection, inspired by great women, this Italian-rooted collection was one of couture detailing, Italian-style, powerful femininity and sharp lines. Every gown flowed, every inch of fabric hung with beauty and every detail and print were perfection. In the extensive set of looks, it certainly wasn’t just Zoolander and Hansel who created a fashion-storm.

Valentino, Photo: Gianni Pucci
Valentino, Photo: Gianni Pucci

2. When Anna’s Vine Kiss Made Our Day and Jarre’s phone got snatched. 

Vine sensation Jerome Jarre is a name all are familiar with, or at least should be. At Paris Fashion Week, he managed to capture Zoolander and Hansel’s magic moment down the catwalk and having his vine somewhat snatched by Zoolander himself, as well as getting himself a kiss from our favourite Anna Wintour.

3. When Chanel Had Coffee. 

If Karl knows anything other than fashion, it’s how to put a show together. Front tables were reserved for special guests including Anna Wintour, Mario Testino and Florence Welch were amongst the Frow at BRASSERIE GABRIELLE. This was certainly a piece of theatre.

Brasserie Gabrielle
Brasserie Gabrielle

Recent shows of Chanel have been themed in such extravagant ways, with the Chanel Supermarket being one that always comes to mind. The Grand Palais enveloped Brasserie Gabrielle, which embodied not just this powerful fashion-house, but embodied a culture.

The collection was strong and install recognisable as Chanel at its best. And with a plethora of looks, ninety-seven to be exact, the entire collection was somehow uniform. Tartan, embellishments, sequins, structure and the entirety of a girls wardrobe-dream. It’s always a collection highly anticipated for and one always talked about after, and thus, what Chanel must pull out of the bag, is far more than pretty clothes and a decent setting. Lest not one forget, that a show at such a scale, takes a plethora of crew; from cosmetics teams, embroiderers, directors, interns and the models- whom included  Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Jamie Bochert.

“The whole show was staged on a single style of shoe, a toe-capped, mid-heeled slingback—ringard in local parlance, because it is so bourgeois, but Lagerfeld loved the poise, the confidence, the ease of walking it gave his models. And that degree of comfort with bourgeois dress codes stabilized a collection that spiraled in a dozen directions. There were at least 97 looks—that’s a huge playground—but there was enough tweed to restore Chanel to its core.” – Tim Blanks

Chanel, Photo: Gianni Pucci
Chanel, Photo: Gianni Pucci

4. Because Of The French Revolution And Alexander McQueen 

This years much anticipated retrospective of Alexander McQueen opened in the week that Sarah Burton showed the world the latest collection. “Nature, fragility and beauty” said Burton in an interview. That was the show- hauntingly beautiful and encapsulating everything one would expect from this collection.

“Burton’s show was more Victorian than 18th century, and more British than French. Fuzzy Miss Havisham hair and nineteenth-century tailoring – both, as Burton described, “very of-the-house” – leant the feel of an eerie attic rather than a nightmarish dungeon. And the rose is of course the ultimate English flower – although the pleated leather skirts, with their confusing masculine/feminine dynamic, called to mind a kilt, which in turn calls Alexander McQueen’s Highland Rape-era Scottish references into play.” – The Guardian 

5. Because Of The Beauty Looks


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