“The sand was wet and the tide was coming in”- Another Place

Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’

The sand was wet and the tide was coming in on a late Saturday evening of April. We parked up, fought through the bitter cold and fierce wind of Crosby beach. But the men down on the beach did’t move, nor did they wrap up warm, because the 100 men, are cast iron figurative sculptures.

DSC02381Then men stand above the sand when the tide is out, and as the tide comes in, they are immersed, in the cold waters of the west of England. It costs nothing to walk the distance of the men, and, whether it’s an early morning stroll, and afternoon gander or an evening dash-out-of-the-car and briskly walk, the perception will always be different.

Nature in itself allows a different canvas for the men to be seen against. The sand will always ripple in a different formation, the sky will always look different and the water will never flow in the same. This installation surpasses many in a gallery, but not necessarily for craftsmanship nor artistic body of work, but for concept. The people’s art. A piece which is stumbled across, studied, sought after and easily enjoyed by art-lovers or those who tend to go to the beach and dress the men in scarves and hats and an assortment of paraphernalia.

“When you look out across the beach it will be difficult to distinguish what is a statue and what is a person and that is the condition of art which I am interested in.” – ANTONY GORMLEY


“Each person is making it again… for some it might be about human evolution, for others it will be about death and where we go, where our bodies finally belong, do they belong to the earth and the elements? And I think that’s what’s amazing about in a way the work of now – contemporary art, it’s no longer representing the ideology of a dominant class it’s actually an open space that people can make their own.”– ANTONY GORMLEY

From Gormley’s days at the  Whitechapel Art Gallery, his words have reached the world. His words have reached the depths of Australia, our European neighbours of Germany and Italy, and his home country England. It is works like Event Horizon- the figures in solitary which have stood from some of London’s Southbank buildings, to around New York City. His varied education at the University of Cambridge, Saint Martin’s School of Art, Slade School of Fine Art, and Goldsmiths served him well, igniting the artistic flame which Gormley would soon have to offer the world.

Earning a  Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance for his set work on Babel (Words), is just another addition to his creative CV in which he earned in 2011 following its success. But it is his figurative sculptures, those which he has dedicated much of his career to developing and experimenting with, the human form.


Mariners Road, Crosby Beach, Liverpool, Merseyside, L23 6SX


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