Stickybeaks Café

You turn the corner after carrying around, a hot box of dim-sum, which you attempt to eat on the streets of Cambridge, and then you stumble across this place they call Stickbeaks. It is minimalist, with lots of seats, patterned cushions and an inviting cabinet of cakes and a board of coffee.  The only option were to find a table and try it out.

“A home from home! Come in and feel welcome, feast your eyes and tummy on the wonderful food and drinks in our light and airy café. We’re available for evening events, and we have an alcohol licence too!” Stickybeaks on Facebook

After hearing they make one of the best coffee’s in town, I tested out this theory with a black coffee and side of bread and butter pudding, after contemplating the choice of flapjack or croissant. As I waited, I wondered whether this were going to be one of those overrated backstreet darlings, but I was on a mission from Central London coffee-culture to Cambridge, so I had to test the beans. The atmosphere was in fact buzzing also. A young family sat in the back whilst the front was adopted by jovial students and a scattering of newspaper-readers and work-dwellers. Luckily, the service was friendly and quick and despite hearing of Stickybeaks success, there was a nice space for me on the long table for the ultimate people-watching experience.


For once, when the coffee arrived, there were no film of broken water nor a cup of thin, body-less liquid. Instead, it were a cup of smooth, aromatic roast which needed little sugar, no milk and could have been enjoyed by the bucket-load, if one were not afraid of caffeine shakes throughout the day. It’s been a while since tasting a coffee i could drink so much of and so for the coffee, Stickybeaks joins my coffee ranks of the coffee at Market Cafe (2 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ), the filter coffee at Balthazar (4-6 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HZ) and if you fancy a trip out of it too, then any coffee from Adrianos Bar & Café (Theaterplatz 2, 3011 Bern, Switzerland).

The bread and butter pudding, well that was out of this world. Warmed up and with pieces of fruit, chocolate-chips and baked into this croissant-esque pudding slice couldn’t have turned out any better. This niche cafe is more than a decorative coffee-spot, it’s a place full of foodie goodness, just off of the bustling streets.



42 Hobson Street, Cambridge CB1 1NL

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