‘Numinous’ by Sara Hannant

“Numinous: of, pertaining to, or like numen – divine power or spirit: a deity especially one presiding locally or believed to inhabit a particular thing or place.”


“The Work Explores A Dialogue Between Contemporary Votive Rags And Ancient Folk Magic.  On My First Visit To The Holy Wells In Cornwall I Noticed Numerous Colourful Cloths And Ribbons Tied To The Trees, Some Were Inscribed With Healing Wishes.  Among The Rags Hung A Corn Dolly, A Silver St Christopher Medallion And Several Tibetan Prayer Flags.  However Many People Who Leave Offerings Are Of An Undefined Spirituality: The Cloths Connect Pilgrims’ Hopes And Dreams To The Opaque But Powerful Numinous.” – Sara Hannant 


“Sara has collected the discarded cloths at Sancreed Holy Well and re-animated them by using the elements of water, air, fire and earth to complete the process. The results are images that combine ritual with spiritual transformation.” – Forty Hall


Forty Hall Estate, Forty Hill
 EN2 9HA

 – 19 July 2015


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