Crouch End Festival: Artist In The Spotlight


Between June 5th-14th, around the famous Clock Tower of Crouch End, North London, will be holding the artsiest of all community festivals. Music, drama, art, photography and much more, will be taking place around the area as organised by Crouch End, Hornsey & the N8 area to bring together the artistic community.

The Crouch End Festival will be hosting a variety of events in some of Crouch End’s most notable locations. Hornsey Town Hall will be hosting drama and performing arts events, Town Hall Green will be having an open air cinema showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, whilst the various pubs, restaurants and libraries will be holding many other events. In addition, on Saturday 6th, there will also be a market, creating a platform for emerging creatives to sell their handmade jewellery, gifts, art and of course, food.

Speaking to abstract artist Samantha Lesley, whom i had previously interviewed in 2013, will be exhibiting her works at The Alex Pub (120 Park Road, N8 8JP); her excitement to be part of the arts community is clear. “I feel excited at being able to have my first solo exhibition and the experience I will gain from it”. Though closed on Mondays, this free-admission event will showcase a variety of Samantha’s works which.

A young artist, Samantha has developed a way of using her paints to create a signature, textured appearance. She will also be around on the Thursday’s from 1:30pm for a chat for a chat. ♦

A Work by Samantha Lesley
A Work by Samantha Lesley

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