There’s a new Lush. It’s three floors. It has a spa. It is full of bright colours and nice smells and exclusive products. Have I sold it to you yet?

You’re walking in a straight line along Oxford Street, when suddenly, you see something out of the corner of your eye, you’re legs start to take you diagonally along the street and you happen upon the friendliest, most colourful and nicely smelling place in the whole of London. Lush. And it’s currently the world’s largest. 

Photo: Marianna Michael


As someone who is quite affiliated with the Lush stores, both local and otherwise, it is safe to say, there gets to a point when you become immune to the marine smell of Big Blue and the little pops that come from Dragon’s Egg. I know the sweet smell and effective work of the Popcorn lip-scrub and the minty scent from the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar. I’ve bought for myself, i’ve gifted for others and received the pretty-packaged goods. And yet, it’s not until you enter this store, that you realise how much more you needed.

“Our brand new shop on Oxford Street is the ultimate Lush experience. Spread over three floors, it’s home to more than 200 exclusive products, a Gorilla Perfume gallery, regular events and classes, and the Lush Spa, a haven in the chaos of London.”

Photo: Marianna Michael
Photo: Marianna Michael
The floors are laid out, as you’d expect of a new store, very well. Lots of space with lots of quirky touches. Bath-bombs are stored in barrels, bags and boxes. The sinks are enormous, the products are everywhere. The colours are enticing and the smells, more so. As you enter, the floor is reminiscent of an old primary school meets trendy-East End apartment and holds a small treatment-station and plethora of shampoos, soaps and much more. Head downstairs and you can get treated at the lush Spa, or head through a maze of Gorilla.

Photo: Marianna Michael
Photo: Marianna Michael
Back upstairs and off to the top floor. A.K.A the party floor! All the bath-bombs a human could dream of, and then the real fun begins. Fun-Bar station; The Lego store of the beauty world. Where else can you find a pile of the 4-in-1 product, with a station to build? The tables are colourful and draw-in our inner-child with the fun bars also in a menagerie of colours including lilac, yellow, blue and pink. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, pop it in the fun gallery for all to see.

Furze Bath Oil, Photo: Marianna Michael
“There are three levels to explore, and with the ground floor hosting an array of new ranges including shampoos, styling creams, face masks, showders, make up, gourmet soaps, shower gels, scrubs and tooth powders, it’s easy to waste a good hour or two simply getting stuck into the products there. Try a treatment out in the on-site Hair Lab, find your perfect lipstick and pose for a picture in the #selfie mirror and delve into the vast variety of new soaps at the fresh counter. Because we really do take bathing to another level, you head upstairs for an explosion of bath bombs, bubbles, oils and Fun. There are plenty of innovative new products (exclusive to Oxford Street for now) to create your perfect bath cocktail with, and a designated area for a little competitive Fun modelling (sea monster Fun anyone?)”

Photo: Marianna Michael 
It’s not just a store experience and treatments that this new Lush store has to offer; this time round, many of the products have been revamped and there are a ton of new and innovative pieces to treat yourself to.

Photo: Marianna Michael
London Oxford St
175 – 179 Oxford Street
London, W1D 1JS

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