Let’s Go Out | What’s In My Bag

Through some styling work, I was sent the beautiful Andromeda Tote [header image] by designer Kristina George. In all it’s lusciousness and beauty, it has become an outfit staple. And since, I am somewhat more careful about what goes into my handbag. It’s partly to reduce the weight upon my shoulder, and part identity. But what do you really need in your handbag?

DSC02896The Book | Why Fashion Matters – Thames & Hudson

Always have a book. Any book. Take something by Nora Ephron or Sylvia Plath, maybe a Dickens classic or a Nick Hornby novel. What one reads when on a trip can shape so much. Any text can become a memory of when you sat in a coffee shop on Fifth Avenue and read a book on the decorative arts, or when you drove to the north of England and read Vogue.

My latest bag-staple, Why Fashion Matters, explores exactly that. Why does fashion matter? It matters because it something which developed over time to mark social change. It is the very foundation of what many people see as their identity and not to mention, with a detailed exploration of fashion as an institution, the book is wrapped in one of the most pleasing covers a book could possibly be encased in.

“[Why Fashion Matters]… to the economy, to society and to each of us personally. Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are or who we want to be. Yet even as fashion touches the lives of each and every one of us, it can seem mysterious”

Hand Cream | L’Occitane Amande

Weather can be a hands worst enemy, and when in the UK especially, where the weather changes as much as the time does, you need something nourishing. It is sweet, it is soothing and it works. It also makes me feel a little fancy, having a little L’Occitane on a trip makes even the bad weather worthwhile. Opt for the travel size, if, like me, you like to buy one of the scents every time you visit a new L’Occitane store.

Headphones | Big Ones!

Both my Spotify account and my iPod hold the most neglected and eclectic playlists of music. Despite this, having my headphones, especially my chunky ones, keeps me from hearing all that extraneous commuter noise of people’s dinner-dilemmas on the train, screaming kids or for when I just want to listen to a mixture of nineties music meets classical meets Taylor Swift.

Lip stuffs | Lipstick Queen Medieval

Lip balms are great. Lip balms with colour, even better. Poppy King is the woman behind Lipstick Queen and having heard all of the buzz surrounding the brand over the past few years, I felt left out having not yet made a purchase. So I bought a triple collection and my handbag has become the proud keeper of Medieval. Touch-ups have never been so much fun, or less of a necessity. Every bathroom-break, sip of coffee or even when i’m bored on the train. This Vitamin E enriched, colour drenched lipstick is pretty much perfect. Also, the lid never comes off, which many others have done my handbags! 

“Medieval is the red that flatters all complexions. Impossible to detect as anything other than a sensual melancholic hue.” Poppy King – Lipstick Queen Founder.

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