Seeing You Through Autumn | Issue Ten, PORTER

Issue 10 | The Fall 2015 issue of Porter magazine has just come out, and it’s the largest ever issue, celebrating women of spirit in 300 pages (336 pages & 8-page gatefold cover). Daria graces the cover and Bobbi Brown’s golden rules ends the issue, and in-between, lies a plethora of tantalising features. The issue asks the inquisitive: Do women still need to be fighters? It delved into a lost Cuban childhood and takes an insight into the life of a high-ranking female politician. It also tells us the seasons greatest trends, must-haves and shares the life stories of inspiring women. Luli Orchard and Hillary Clinton are amongst those names.  


A long chain necklace, looped around the neck and falling against bare skin, completes an outfit on a subtly seductive note. The sautoir harks bucket the 19th century when chains were worn scarf-like around the collarbone and hung over the shoulders. However, the piece is more usually associated with the1920s, thanks to the Flappers who wore it with long tassels at the end, which came to life when they danced. Today, wear the sautoir enticingly with an unbuttoned silk shirt, or over a thin knit, to add an exquisite highlight

-Porter Issue 10,  page 90

It’s fresh and always beautifully written, balanced out with tantalisingly beautiful editorials and a fanciful design. All coffee-tables await a copy. 

Porter and coffee
Porter and coffee

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