Farewell Style.com, Hello Vogue

August 31, 2015: Nicole Phelps posted the style.com farewell letter. To some, this news is nothing but a frivolous goodbye. But to many like myself, it marks the end of times spent drifting through collections, street-style photos and the latest news. “Have you been on style today?” became a phrase, or at least to me. But now, comes the time that the most stylist doors close, and relocate to Vogue Runway, where the transition has been so seamless, that even I didn’t realise that I was on a new site. 

“Vogue Runway, a new section of Vogue.com dedicated to runway shows and fashion news, will soon launch with an archive of runway images dating back to the Spring 2000 collections”

PRADA Fall 2013 Gianni Pucci / InDigital | GoRunway

I was first introduced to style.com at some point whilst I was at school and in showing a keen interest in fashion, a URL was mentioned to me in passing that would soon became part of my daily routine. Sooner than I had realised, I would be telling others about the tiniest pocket detail of a Prada trouser, or the style and colour specificities of a Chanel tweed. It was essentially my first blog-following, and certainly the start of a beautiful vocation.

The transitioning of style.com over to Vogue is nothing but a fashionably smart move, though more like a redirection. The setup has mostly been transferred over to what has been the worlds fashion deity, and placed in the hands of the fashion makers and shapers. Those who don;t just know everything, but create, edit, emulate, describe and highlight all that we dream of, put on out backs and accessorise ourselves with. 

“Who are you if what you do isn’t on Style.com?” – Jean Touitou, A.P.C.

3.1 Phillip Lim, Fall 2015 Gianni Pucci / Indigitalimages.com

It was announced in April that Condé Nast would be taking over the infamous site that covered its first show in 1999 (Donatella Versace for Versace Versus). In the sixteen years of the site, we have had the best front row seat to every collection, and now, though we say goodbye, we welcome a glittering future of fashion on the internet, encased in the arms of Vogue. 


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