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Shorts are all the rage, and these are the ones to feast your eyes on.

Balade Sauvage by François Demachy

François Demachy is the Dior Perfumer-creator behind the short that looks a little like Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation, and a little like The Tree Of Life. This is not the only film to fall into the recent perfumer film series; Johnny Depp stars in the official fifty-four second short, which can be found here, whilst again on Christian Dior’s youtube page, the directors cut can also be found. This is in addition to a plethora of new shorts that have been added, but, what makes them special? Craft and creativity are foremost. Willy Vanderperre’s name pops up (Dior Homme – Paris XVIe), alongside a stream of Dior documentaries, catwalk shows, atelier look-ins and Interviews. Keep your eyes peeled. 


Miu Miu is at the top of the chain right now with brand campaigns and short films. Steven Meisel is responsible, or at least responsible in part. The films, specifically this one, have been in the spotlight for their position, not just in the industry, but in society. AnOther posted a piece back in June (here) dissecting what one can learn from Miu Miu’s A/W15 campaign.
While the collection clearly references the eighties with Princess Diana frills and Siouxie Sioux patents, Mrs Prada’s allusions extend far beyond the immediately obvious. What often marks her collections as just so brilliant is their underlying messages…-AnOther

Award for Best Use of Music and Cinematography 

Impeccable detail. Eye-shaddow is draped over the lid, whilst lips are stained, fruits are cut open seductively, drinks are poured and skin is bare. Ripples of woollen fabrics and glimpses of black lace. Some things are left down to the imagination, whilst others are more obvious. Evocative, simple yet powerful. 

This is the work of Kiev-based director and producer Igor Stekolenko. DOP Denis Lushchik’s vimeo page is delicately filled with other works including LAKE 2014/Broken Beauty, with one of the partners being Elle Ukraine. Both films were produced for LAKE, a Ukraine based fashion brand which first introduced its first collection in 2008. 

In a very short space of time, what Stekolenko and Lushchik  have created, is a stunning feast for the eyes.


Immortal Game is an older one. Inspired by the famous 1851 chess game (between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky) of the same name, it presents a rustic, fade-in-filled, female fuelled short. Black and white is sometimes joined by hints of colour where a woman in Columbia, transforms herself into chess pieces in all its subtitles. 

The film was part of a project which premiered at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (North America), and went on to win best creative concept and Best Art Direction at the Miami Fashion Film Festival, and also won Best Make Up and the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South Africa Fashion Film Festival.

Making-of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2015/16 Haute Couture Collection

It is now the season of pumpkin spiced lattes and Fall-Winter collections to embellish our bodies and fill our closets. Though this was posted a month ago, it remains a firm favourite for atelier-to-catwalk films, and fits perfectly into the season.

Ward MMXV (from wedge and lever)

A short film exploring the relationship between Icons, silhouettes and the objects they inspire. There can be heard the great song of the constellations.

-Wedge & Lever 

There is something deeply evocative about this piece. Carefully curated and executed beautifully, it may appear a little stark, but beneath the grey and white, is something modernistic and thoughtful. Are we looking at products? Are we looking at todays culture? Where does beauty lie? Are we looking at craftsmanship and desire?

The making of an Upton belt, underlies all the imagery which all become stills which appear on the Upton site lookbooks. The film, whether purposeful in this or not, delves into the question of what luxury means today and in part, shows us what we buy into.  

BFFF15 WINNER: Crème Caramel- Canada


This is on the verge of being a feature film and takes place, as part three in the #DefineBeauty series, doing so beautifully. It has made a nice spot for itself in the industry in this mid-century, explorative piece like a coming-of-age tale, where the innocent meets the erotic.


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