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Since its 2013 launch, & Other Stories has become a brand which epitomises fresh fashion, for the woman to, in the words of the brand, “create their personal style, or story”

Photo: Marianna Michael
Photo: Marianna Michael

A transgender campaign, starring  Hari Nef and Valentijn De Hingh, is but one big thing that & Other Stories has done. Lena Dunham directing Zoe Kazan in “Vote Audrey” is another. It is the collaborative nature of the brand, that has seen the likes of filmmakers as well as generally great people working alongside the brand; Collaborations also, with Vans, Rachel Antonoff and Clare Vivier, have also become a part of the genetic make-up of the brand. Not to mention that the line’s beauty products have now reached the U.S.

“The fashion world is embracing transgender models and we think that’s great. But we couldn’t help to ask ourselves how the traditional fashion gaze can change if we keep the same normative crew behind the camera. So we invited five amazing creatives, all transgender, to make our latest story.”

-Sara Hildén Bengtson

Only a week after I had left New York, the city opened its & Other Stories flagship at 575 Broadway. Iris Apfel was at the front with “styling stories”, with Apfel wearing pieces from the brand’s Fall collection. The brand was, and continues to have a New York moment, but it’s the worldwide scene that the brand are focusing on. 

Known for not just decorating women in beautiful clothing and accessories, something I have found to be irresistible of the brand, is the packaging, community and all alongside the stylish clothing that fits beyond exception; other than the one pair of trousers I purchased in the wrong size. My own fault. 

Photo: Marianna Michael
Photo: Marianna Michael

To consider & Other Stories a high-street-luxury-brand, would not be far off. After all, luxury is defined by craftsmanship, and to some degree, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. There is certainly craftsmanship in the make-up of these products and it has been said by the company, that the brand has “substantial emphasis on details and fine materials.”

Woollen-blends are all the current rage. Oversized is a frequent, style, whilst a variety of styles and unique cuts are found in all of the clothing categories. There is something effortlessly stylish. The online photos often mix pieces into other styles. Nothing can be worn any one way. Favoured patterns come often in two or three pieces; like the cactus print sweater, pants and skirt of AW15. The site has also had a mini makeover and the menus have been made easier to navigate, including a beloved section to search the mini capsule collections. Long Live Dresses and Athleisure Capsule are but two current favourites. 

Photo: Marianna Michael

The H&M brand have struggled with their place in the ethical landscape of fashion, something that is beginning to change. H&M is of course parent to & Other Stories, as well as to COS, Cheap Monday, Monki and Weekday. The H&M group’s sales have steadily grown, but there are plans to change and talks to open up more stores worldwide. 

“Today we have a strong customer offering with all our brands… This means that the H&M group can offer a variety of different styles and trends at different price points. Together our brands share a passion for fashion and our drive to offer customers fashion in a sustainable way. Our sustainability work is a very important part of our customer offering, and has been so for many years. Because our sustainability work genuinely permeates our daily work and the decisions we make, it is only natural that sustainability is now also part of H&M’s business idea: fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way.”

– Karl-Johan Persson, CEO

What is designed in Paris and Stockholm, is thought to soon trickle into other worldwide markets. 

Photo: Marianna Michael
Photo: Marianna Michael

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